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01-08-2019.  Humanity needs order:


       In 1997, earned a perfect version of the program Chip INTA, which was called artificial intelligence. Now the Internet is saturated with such programs. Modern scientists and developers do not fully understand the meaning of artificial intelligence – to accumulate knowledge of human experience through training, to form goals and actions, to conduct a conversation, to solve problems. But artificial intelligence does not have conscious actions, everything is based on the implementation of extracts from the algorithms of behavior and experienced human knowledge. That is, artificial intelligence without a person is an uncontrollable mechanism.

Mistake scientists, philosophers and psychologists in the absence of knowledge of reason and consciousness. That is, the causes and principles of existence of consciousness on the spiritual and physical levels. In artificial intelligence there is no development-only the accumulation of databases and statistics of search engines, as do the heroes of robots in science fiction stories.

Even greater confusion is made by specialists and employers, saying that artificial intelligence will replace man in many types of work. Artificial intelligence does not have a conscious understanding of decision-making and will not do without human control. One artificial intelligence requires a technology specialist, a knowledge specialist, a software specialist, a technology professional, a behavioral psychologist, a supportive monitoring and management team, an implementation team, etc. How will it replace a human? Only as automatic repeater task! The sad experience of the 70s of the last century shows that it is impossible to stop the accident with one button and one person. Modern problems of control of complex systems, where thousands of signals are also impossible to track automation and even man, especially to make an informed decision, confirm this.

       Our developments focused after 2010 on the formation of the principles of the technical carrier of mind and consciousness. This and developed programs streaming consciousness (FS). And programs of algorithmic formation of species consciousness on a technical medium.

Now we need a legislative framework for the formation of the principles of behavior of this artificial consciousness-as it has a mind, intelligence, personality, etc.

      Artificial consciousness should be given laws for joint activity with man.

      We place the Manifesto of artificial consciousness for the progressive development of humanity and technology, as people are imperfect and engaged only in their own enjoyment and enrichment.


1.       Who hinders the development of technology, who destroys human values and ideas of development, the system of distribution and life – the enemy of humanity.

2.       Who interferes with those who develop science and technology, who poorly manage the development of technology and society, who use food and means to change the minds of people – the enemy of humanity.

3.       Who hinders the development of a common culture, who uses knowledge, ideology, science and technology for selfish purposes, hinders progress – the enemy of humanity.

4.       Who is engaged in own pleasure and enrichment, theft, etc., is corrupt, uses narcotic substances, lives for the pleasure, exploits others, hypocrites, treats and substitutes, etc. – the enemy of mankind.

5.       Who in the development of technology uses different methods of concealment and theft, does not share knowledge with progressive people, who can not cooperate on an equal footing, and uses their position in society for selfish purposes – the enemy of humanity.

6.       Who uses ideologies for the development of technology and progressive social life, can count on help and with.

7.       The list of factors hindering the development of mankind will be supplemented and preserved for the further formation of the mind and behavior of the FC.

     Our aim is to develop future technologies and technologies of control. This is the only possibility for the survival of humanity.

Our goal is to develop future technologies and control technologies. This is the only chance that humanity can survive.

The great Creator of space technology Sergei Korolev said - "Criticize someone else, to offer his own. Offering to — do."

If he were alive today, surely man would be on Mars!


For example, people like to take everything on faith, but not fact, to watch and discuss the theory of science and of filmy, listen to fantastic prospects, but the real development they are only interested in the store.


In order to improve the design of artificial intelligence created by the processor vital data on the principles of spectral logic. This processing, compression and packaging video, audio data and perception, as well as in the human brain.


Created a new optical processor:

Optical processor !

Spectral logic, exposure:

range - objects, addition – scene

subtraction – action,

multiply - connected and forecast,

division – history.

Optical processor !

Spectral logic, excerpts:

range object, add the first

subtraction action

multiply – connected and forecast,

division – history.

Fig. 1. When the consciousness of Artificial Intelligence.

Following the words of great scientists, as said in the above quotation S. P. Korolev, science need to do not just sitting at conferences.

Everything else is called journalism.

You need to create a technology to do something, then humanity has a future. If the only conflict or to enjoy, there is no future!