Artificial intelligence on Mars

Artificial intelligence on Mars is intended to manage a communication network and resources of life for people, creating new opportunities for settlement.

The social consequences of the proliferation of such solutions can not be predictable, if people will not control the operation of artificial intelligence.

In addition:

the possibility of audiovisual communication with a portable PC without via the network;
round-the-clock scanning of human health for the purpose of early warning of diseases with the help of "electronic prosthesis" associated with the computer program;
 to obtain data on the status of the network and AI;

In life AI - strengthening of virtual research, modeling, setting goals for permanent solutions and finding the desired information, search of hypotheses and ideas - the main task of artificial intelligence. Who will create, he will receive the fullness of the management and development of post-humanity.

The economy of course management and obtaining information, analysis and normalization will become a reality. Then people will be able to free yourself for creativity and research.


the danger of manipulating the human psyche from the outside;
 the possibility of purposeful changes in the physical and mental character of the person with the implanted in the body of "e-cancer", associated with the computer program;
the transformation of man into "cybernetic organism" ("cyborg"). Social implications of cyborgization of a personality;

Can the human psyche is such population density in the Martian failures that can only survive in the fierce ritualization work, life, leisure (not that a crime, any serious misconduct, any serious violation of the rules is fraught with disaster with the astronomical number of victims)?

Human nature - getting more power, course management tools require protection.

Intelligence and consciousness is not unable at the present stage be regarded as the highest spiritual and moral state of man, because today the main thing - Finance. The confusion with the mind and cognition and consciousness and the intelligence level of everyday culture is a dangerous phenomenon. For example, all scientists like to manipulate their mind and the mind of another person. Develops as being domestic (access road and rave) consciousness, as, for example, television is given for the intelligence work of the actors, clowns and jailers. For example, children of rich people are called gold Fund, although all children are born with different abilities, whatever the environment in which they were born.

In Fig. G. Makarova for a book by A. Kazantsev, 1962, the robot follows human motion as in the movie "the Illusion of murder -2".

However, today even these technologies are only partially working. Robot on Mars should have a different shape to not get stuck in the sand or swamp.

It should be legs, wheels, claws and vystrelivshey a Trident anchor. The brain for the robot has been created, on the basis of the optical processor..