History briefly

It all began with the work of "Sredmash" and "MinAtomEnergo".

Late 70s, early 80s of the last century.

Fryazino - BESM-6, Electronics-100, Electronics-100I.

The first program "worm" was written for the PDP-8 in binary, octal code. The goal - to adjust the test magnetic memory read-write data. While prior work computer tested long, sometimes several hours. The program corresponded with one of the memory - block - magnetic memory to another, had a nucleus and control themselves.

Punch cards, paper tape, magnetic drums. No monitors. Light bulbs and binary code. The first monitor for Electronics-100I.

RTI - the first analog and digital control systems. The first monitor of the color television.

Lunch on the bricks of the lead reactor, once distracted. Hardly can open the door to several tons. Then I learned the logic of analog and digital technology, working with the best specialists.

MRTI - control systems of tests.

For example, at the time I created a clock-timer - 35 years have passed - and they all work, and more work will be 35 years old. Even bulb IN-12B is not dimmed. This proves that our technology is not worse than the western technology. Even today, in the "radio market" they are appreciated, especially lamps and generator logic.

For example, the Chernobyl reliable logic used in the prefabricated chips. During the liquidation of the accident I saw her on the control unit 4 and wondered resistance.

LPI - the first lasers and control technology of fusion (termonuclear).

Meson factory - control technology of fusion (termonuclear).

Moscow State University - Department of Chemistry - PDP-8.

Developments for the radars and space technologies for monitoring and control.

Kurchatov Institute - people work, though et share of danger. Control technologies of fusion (termonuclear).

Pavlovsky Posad, etc. - CM3 CM-4, M400, etc.

Institute of Transplantation - control technology.

The first PDP-11 - Electronics-60.

Creating technology microprocessor control with your fingers. Even then, we had created what today is called "laptops". We created technologies that have entered the market in 25 years. Some still do not have entered the market and are gathering dust in the archives and in the layout.

Communication and radar technology, the protection of borders.

Streaming technology - today it is called "Smart line".

Late 80s, early 90s of the last century.

By order of the leadership to get the most protected in the time program and operating system with elements of encryption, and others. Developments at the time boasted that it no one ever will hack. Soldered electronic circuit and write a program I spent on it one week.

Communications Technology.

Program management of NPS. (C++)

Technology Communication between three different operating systems.

The first PC, leaving VAX, the first OS and DOS.

1994- The first artificial intelligence program.

1997 - Forecasts by using AI.

2009 - The new version of artificial intelligence with the analysis of image formats.

2014 - creation of an electronic brain.

This is a small list.

I am very proud to have worked side by side with great people and made our little part, great people creating peaceful and military technology, from ordinary fitters and installers to great minds and good managers. While technologies have been created, which is now to defend our country. Then, life was good. There was hope and a dream, everything was free and everything worked well - and education and science, culture, health, and management, and feedback. But there were drawbacks. Only we respected all over the world!


For example, at the time created a watch timer - it's been 35 years and they still work and are still working 35 years. Even lamps IN-12B not faded. This proves that our Soviet technology is not worse than Western technology. Even today on "the Radio" they are valued, especially the oscillating tube and logic.

Photo. The watch operates on a binary logic.


Photo 37 years ago:

Installing Scala-curtain on the border, near Kushka.

Photos 30 years ago:

Photos 30 years ago:

Blotter from the famous Expedition of the Institute. Kurchatov.

Д21 - the set blotter and everything else on the 4th block of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (of a sarcophagus close)