Current events

On the basis of new developments (spectral logic and optical processor) technologies were created from (see section- (New war 2035 after 2020-2025, new is):

1. Streaming consciousness (SC) fnd (We introduce a new term Artificial Consciousness – AC, and will continue to use it).

2. Algorithm: state-evaluation.

3. Algorithm: scene – score.

4. Algorithm: life-evaluation.

In connection with the leakage and use of our ideas, we cease to publish further news on developments (close information on projects) and will only place parts of the work.

Testing the layout of the Stream of Consciousness (SC), validation files on their own understanding and their own condition.

Opinion of the independent expert

In a world full of injustice, for example, Western society boasts of its values – freedom, opportunity, equality before the law, progress. In fact, it turns out no better than in other countries, someone leaves the law, someone is prosecuted. Freedom also does not correspond to reality, there is inequality between people not citizens and citizens, rich and poor, with and without connections. Even the game of green card involves with instructions on who should win. As a result, more troubled people penetrate the US than people with abilities.

Progress: for example, Europe is also not far away – there is a choice even at the level of Nobel laureates, where the applicant must have a certain status.

Example, our scientist has released works: "Philosophical aspects of forecasting in the twenty-first century" and "Artificial intelligence and forecasting", which analyses and calculations of the development of the world economy and the beginning of the third world war – the 2020-2025 Forecast is the Internet since 1997. Now they are used by many and give their results or give the opinions of famous scientists of past centuries. Such works are already suitable for the Nobel prize in Economics or literature.

Therefore, we will take the development of this scientist to predict the presentation of future Nobel prizes, but only a few, in order not to allow others to take advantage of them (to open new scientific areas), the date we do not give:

1. DNA introduction into the cells via the virus, and food.

2.The formula of the Universe and matter through an information field.

3. Speed beyond the Universe.

4.Possibilities of treatment through the brain.

5.Anti-gravity engine.

6. The amount of Higgs bosons in the substance.

7.The structure of consciousness of the living being.

A new war after 2035 2020-2025 new SC

Papers: "Philosophical aspects of forecasting in the twenty-first century" and "Artificial intelligence and forecasting", which analyses and calculations of the development of the world economy and the beginning of the third world war – the 2020-2025 Forecast is the Internet since 1997 (author Prourzin LU).

As long as there are rich and poor countries, their governance will remain totalitarian, so wars are inevitable.

According to the author's forecast, a new war will begin in 2035, as people are not able to manage the society of more than 10 billion people.

Such a society can only be handled by artificial intelligence.

People have a number of disadvantages (given in the works), and especially the ability to corrupt power, so control should be assigned to the Artificial Mind.

 We introduce the term Artificial Consciousness (is) instead of the term Artificial Intelligence (AI), because few people understand the difference.


The mistake of scientists and developers is that they understand the algorithm of a computer program with human ideas as consciousness. Or search for new knowledge from databases or the Internet as consciousness, learning algorithm based on new knowledge - as consciousness or experience. Consciousness is the ability to recognize oneself as a person and make decisions on the basis of conscious experience.

The fourth world war will be held under the management of SC.



In order to improve the design of artificial intelligence created by the processor vital data on the principles of spectral logic. This processing, compression and packaging video, audio data and perception, as well as in the human brain.

The principle of data compression in the human brain were examined in the 90-ies of the 20th century. It is based on the fact that the person summarizes the data per day and sends them in the information space environment during sleep. If the person is not sleeping, the cache memory becomes full, and he goes crazy. When recollection of events a person draws from the information environment extracts the compressed data and restores them.

Our processor operates on the principles of spectral logic, as the optical processor and together they define new technologies for robots with artificial intelligence. It is known that modern robots do not yet have artificial intelligence and are programmed in the environment of a microprocessor, created in 1971. Even the language LISP is not available. They do not provide sufficient memory and resources to artificial intelligence.

Our technology allows you to move to a new stage, so we show how the logic works spectral – range of data creates a logical procedure and models to build a scene of life and are Packed by our processor. For example, the range 1 – visual object and logical procedure and the number 1. The structure of the processor and the principles of data packaging we do not disclose, At the time we demonstrated the technology, which is used now everywhere - smart string.

Our processor will be created in the Kondratieff cycle in the industrial production in 2025 and will be available only in 2035. We are ahead of these forecasts.

New layout of the processor vital data.

On the monitor shows the compressed data.

The robot Basya in anticipation of the new processors.

These are old technology at the moment.


The VIEW of the rollers of the processor vital data:


Created a new optical processor:

Optical processor!

Spectral logic, exposure:

range - objects, addition – scene

subtraction – action,

multiply - connected and forecast,

division – history.

The Titanium



The Martian



20 years ago – Artificial intelligence Chip INTA:




In connection with the successful development of artificial intelligence a Martian (Martian), a test of individual memory systems, control, vision was used new methods of analysis:
N The Type Species Name Abbreviation
1 comparison of the Exact compare Y==
2 Statistical Search Rait A-M==
3 Comparison 1 Accurate comp rait 1 +-N==
4 Comparison 2 Accurate Null point is Null
5 Statistical 1 Streaming comp-rait 2 S1==
6 Statistical 2 Rating comp-rait 3 Middle 2
7 Min-max Rating 1 comp-rait 4 Middle 2
8 Linear Linear Streaming-clean, Y1==
9 Linear 1 Linear Streaming-nriangle Y3==
10 5 Statistics Selective Stat 5 S5==
11 Basic Stat Instinctive instinct S-==
12 New Transmission new NT==
13 New 1 the memory of the triangle is RS, N, A-M==
14 2 the New batch pentangle TS, YNS5==
15 DNA code Code C==

As a result of prolonged (1 year) testing revealed the advantages and disadvantages of the project.

Dignity – new wave theory (wave unique wave unique, the number of waves in the Universe is not described even the largest number in mathematics, etc.); developed new project called Titanium (Titanian); a new understanding of artificial consciousness.

Disadvantages of using a large number of repetitions, and electronic memory.

Due to insufficient funding, we retain only five areas of research and development (5 projects):

Artificial intelligence – Titanian

  1. Energy batteries
    Net martian
    Gravity engine (Use of gravity "of the rings" and "the springs", fuel cells, microwave generators, ...)
    Artificial food of the future.

    Cm. also the section Artificial intelligence - the history of creation on the website

    2014 - creation of the electronic brain.