Reset to Mars a few ice asteroids

Added: 2015-07-23

Reset (redirect) to Mars a few ice asteroids to fill the seas and atmosphere with water and increase atmospheric pressure. Such a project requires time and resources, finding a suitable asteroid or comet, but it immediately solves all problems. After the fall takes a long time to balance the...

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The creation of a bacterial atmosphere

Added: 2015-07-22

The creation of a bacterial atmosphere, filling the Martian atmosphere and desert lichens, fungal colonies, mini-bacteria and mucus. Relocation to Mars the smallest living creatures from the earth cave, ocean basins and mountains is not very time-consuming process, as they are compact and can be...

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The production of water and technical materials, as well as biological resources from the utility of minerals and materials

Added: 2015-07-21

As on the surface of Mars a little pressure, all water resources are rapidly evaporate. They should be covered with a protective film of oil or store where they are less evaporate. You can use existing technology for petroleum refining and water treatment. You can create a closed greenhouse designs...

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The use of the Mars failures to create residential complexes producing low atmosphere and the aquatic environment

Added: 2015-07-20

Create stores of energy resources and small lakes of water needed for the global colonization of Mars. The failure of the closed shell solid, covered to protect the soil, inside the sealed cracks and penetrations in the unknown gaps and voids. Made of heavy-duty transparent Windows for the passage...

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Silvering of the surfaces of Phobos and Deimos

Added: 2015-07-19

Silver plated (plain chalk) surfaces of Phobos and Deimos to increase reflectivity and heat the surface of Mars. You can use ultra-thin film, including polyethylene.

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A warehouse of resources for the Earth and explore other planets

Added: 2015-07-18

Vehicle storage water and ice from comets, asteroids and Europe. Also the storage of fuel with Titan lakes - hydrogen sulfide, fuel oil, oil etc. On Mars many natural reservoirs for the storage of such substances. You should choose those which are less exposed to Martian erosion and surface...

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