The forecast for life on Mars

Life is about the dangers of a weak magnetic field, a large difference in temperatures, a small amount of water.

First- meteor-danger - 2036 - Apophis.
Secondly, mankind lives for pleasure and consumption, and war is inevitable.
Third, the decline in mental abilities and an increase in consumption of information.
Fourthly, cultural and economic inequality of the inhabitants of the Earth.

Nuclear war 2020-2025 years will make people unite in technological opportunities.

No earlier than 2035 will occur the first settlements of robots and people on Mars.
 2050 - establishment of social order.
2070 - create your own possibilities of development.
The political and ideological problems in the new society will end in 2080.
2100, the year of the genetic code of the offspring of the Martians.

Added: 2015-07-18