Control technology on Mars

Control technology on Mars are associated with the Martian global network and those who manages it.

During the conflict: who was the first to seize the information space and in what language will develop information technology, will be the Manager. It will determine the language of globalization.

In the field of food – biotechnology will be the fact that the production of nutrients and minerals necessary food. This will allow you to change the environment on any planet.
 The possibility of independent functioning of information Networks (without direct human intervention) according to the algorithm – the pulse specified person.
The possible impact of information networks on the material world without direct human intervention in the algorithm-the pulse specified person.
The ability of the heuristic operation of information networks ("radiant humanity" Tsiolkovsky). The man and the cyborg: the prospects for coexistence.

This will increase the maximum possible expansion of mankind in the Solar system, the Galaxy and the Metagalaxy. The goal is creativity possible number of people. The maximum expanded reproduction of the human population virtually without limits (even beyond the borders of the Metagalaxy). Then may come the turn of the expeditions to nearby star worlds with the same objectives, bearing in mind as an end desirable for people transformation of the universe ("the rationalization of matter").

The following techniques will improve control:

The interaction and development of human and computer through dialogue.
 Communication via the network and receiving any information, no need to go to the exam and study.
Memory - splicing with the memory of a person and other people, with the global memory.
Information management to ensure the whole of life, man is part of a network.
AI thought and conscience, dialogue and assistant controller health and protection adviser etc. rule Set (more than three).